Lovely Lotus Card Set Folded

Lovely Lotus Card Set Folded

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The Lotus Flower has been known to symbolize such meanings as Purity, Rebirth, Spiritual Awakening, & Faithfulness. Our original linocut design has been printed to 4 different vantage points with subtle core colors to further demonstrate their unique styles.

Blank inside, these 6.25" x 4.625" card on 120Lb Uncoated accent paper (super sturdy) and matching envelopes provides room for your own love expression/definition to whomever you want to send this word of encouragement, feelings, celebration or statement. Because we cannot forget that love starts with you! Time to spread it!

Each card comes in its own protective clear bag enclosed bag, AND is also available in a set of 8, packaged and marked in a safe protective enclosure sealed bag, and labeled.

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